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Even though we do carry all types of sports books, it is Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey & Horse Racing books that are the overwhelming portion of our book collection.

The link between sports and literature goes back many many years. Every great sports event needed to be documented. To be written about so that the story could travel far and wide. So that history could be told and for history to be challenged, stories about what happened either in a famos duel or even a battle, a story needed to be written. Basically, the relationship between writer and athlete is a long one.

In an era of the internet, digital content, pay per view and endless amounts of live streaming, we can assume that the descriptive power of sportswriting and reading is under threat. For example, who needs to be told what happened when they can see it for themselves? But, get yourself a book and you will understand that great sportswriting has never been more important, or more vital to our connection to the athletes and games we treasure. To see a windmill dunk or a one-punch knockout from twenty-nine different angles is not to understand it better, or to know why it matters. Great sportswriting is about the bigger picture, the social context, the consequences and the sepia-toned nostalgia. It’s an awareness that the living history of the games is our shared legacy and communion.

The purpose of this website is to help you improve your knowledge about betting on sports. With knowledge comes skill. And with skill and knowledge you get an advantage. There are endless amounts of places to place bets today. You have the option of land based sportsbooks. You have sportsbooks on the internet. And you have your local bookies. But regardless of where you decide to place your bet, always consider if the sportsbook is good. Is it reputable?

Like your teachers probably used to say – knowledge comes from reading.

So we have suggested a handful of the greatest sports books ever written to help you improve your knowledge. Our professional team of staff have also reviewed the endless amounts of feedback we receive about the various sportsbooks out there and that is how we come to choosing which sports books we aim to publish on this website.